Patient Welfare

At the heart of PAF’s activities is the Patient Welfare Department.

Patients arrive at the department from all areas: the wards, emergency, referrals, and sometimes even from our sister institutions, Cardiovascular and NICH. A computerized welfare system screens all patients who come in for assistance and selects eligible candidates through predetermined criteria.PAF then helps all those in need, free of cost. Services provided include facilitation of diagnostic procedures such as MRIs and CT scans, laboratory tests, endoscopies, angiographies, blood services, and the provision of orthopedic materials such as braces and artificial limbs. Patients for CyberKnife also go through this department.

PAF runs a drug bank that retains the capacity to dispense free medicine to those who cannot afford it. We recently streamlined the process of disseminating drugs, and there is now a full time qualified pharmacist overlooking this process