Gynaecology Department

06 Nov
By our Staff Member

“It was May 2000 when this new wing of the Obstetrics / Gynaecology Department was opened. I have been working here ever since. It was difficult at first. I don’t think everyone was mentally prepared to accept the public/private partnership. We had to give the staff the confidence and make them believe that we are here to help them, and make their work easier. I am responsible for ensuring that the building keeps running, however, I am fully involved with the department and committed to helping whenever I can. It’s not my nature to just sit aloof in this office. This position requires constant follow up. There is always more we can do for the maintenance and upkeep of the department, like cleaning regularly, preparing kits, and medicine packets for each patient.

What would you say is your biggest challenge?

As you know, we don’t ever refuse patients. Sometimes women come in from other hospitals, almost at their last breath. Some survive but some don’t. Our goal is to help everyone who walks in through these doors, so even if that means our record of deaths increases, we never turn anyone away.”