Giving survival a chance

25 Nov
By our Staff Member

“Come take a photo of my beautiful baby. This is my granddaughter, she’s sitting here with me, her dadi, while her mother is inside there (points to radiology building) getting an ultrasound. She got injections put for family planning, so she cannot have any more children, and now she’s having problems with internal bleeding. I don’t know why she got them, she only has this one precious little girl. In my time we used to have 12 – 13 children. It’s a good thing but it’s put her in so much distress. She’s like my daughter, I don’t even refer to her as my daughter-in-law, but my daughter.

Her name is Rizwana and she’s only a year old. Her dad has been trying to find work. He was employed but then he got kidney stones, so when he took days off from work they fired him. She doesn’t have a dada, but has her nana wrapped around her finger. She calls him and talks to him, says hello. She can also say “tata.” She also smiles, I don’t know why she’s not smiling now. We’ve come all the way from Korangi, and this is her outing to Jinnah. Take her photo and then she’ll come on tv and we can be like look you’re so famous!”