Assistant Manager – OPEX Procurements

Reports To Procurement Manager/Head of Supply Chain
Function/Department Supply Chain
Job Purpose
Execute purchasing for the Organization, coordinate purchasing practices and to maximize savings and benefits available to Patients' Aid Foundation from purchasing activities. Ensure competent quality execution of all regular purchasing duties and administrative works and liaising with suppliers/vendors for payments etc. To ensure efficient, cost effective and timely delivery of provisions and supplies and logistic support to Patients' Aid Foundation Head Office & JPMC Departments.

Duties & Responsibilities

Maintain up-to-date vendors’portfolios for supply of medical items.
Assist in the selection of appropriate suppliers and contractors.
Promote good procurement practices with due regard to medical sustainability, ethical purchasing standards and cost.
Compare prices, specifications, delivery schedule, warranty / guaranties to determine the best bid/tender among the potential suppliers.
Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries and other related problems.
Explore market for better rates and services.
Prepare maintain and review purchase files, reports and price lists.
Prepare purchase requisitions, purchase orders and process copies to the vendor and the JPMC/Patients’ Aid Foundation departments originating the purchase request.
Track the status of requisitions, contracts and orders from all process owners.
Respond to the queries of suppliers and originating departments regarding order status, changes or cancellations of orders.
Make purchase of all items required by Patients’ Aid Foundation/JPMC after getting appropriate approvals
Negotiate with vendors and analyze vendor’s capabilities.
Compare supplies with bills, bids and purchase orders, verify/check vendor bills, get them approved and process payments to Finance/Accounts Department.
Administrative supervision of Stores/Warehouses across the JPMC Perimeter limits.
Record keeping and management of inventory that stock in/out Warehouses.
Ensure receiving, picking and dispatch of medical stock is done according to agreed Operational Guidelines.
Maintain record of items donated to Patients’ Aid Foundation [or through Patients’ Aid Foundation to JPMC].
Manage day-to-day store operations efficiently and cost effectively.


BA/ B.Com/ BBA / MBA [2nd to 3rd Tier University]
Preferably 2-3 years of relevant work experience
Age: Minimum 24 years