OPD & Surgical Complex

Absolutely essential infrastructure work at JPMC has necessitated the construction of a state of the art (09) nine story Surgical and OPD Complex with a covered area of 300,000 sq. ft. This mega project started in March 2015 and is scheduled for completion by 2018. It is PAF’s eleventh large scale project, having PKR 2.0 billion as its total estimated cost of civil works including infrastructure. Some of the main features of this project are:

  1. An OPD complex capacitated to cater 2500 patients per day,
  2. Eighteen (18) operating theatres,
  3. Total 609 beds. 429 beds including, a 28 bedded surgical intensive care unit and a 66 bedded HDU.
  4. 180 Emergency / Floating beds.
  5. Doctors Clinics & Doctors Staff Duty Rooms.
  6. 7 Seminar / Multi-purpose Rooms.
  7. A basement accommodating the Pharmacy, CSSD, and a parking lot for 60 cars.

This new surgical and OPD complex will replace the existing Surgical Building of JPMC, which was constructed in 1956. Currently, there are only 09 operating theatres accommodating both major and minor surgeries for the entire surgery class. Due to the lack of other viable options numerous surgeries are scheduled every day.

By constructing the new surgical complex PAF hopes to address these major issues faced by the patients of JPMC. The new complex would be a state of the art building with new and improved surgical facilities. There will be 18 operating theatres, double of what is there currently. Hence the total no. of annual surgeries would increase from approx. 30,000 to 70,000 a year, addressing the backlog and wait time issues. Other outcomes would include enhanced prevention and control of infection in the patient care, improved surgical success rates with the use of new and properly calibrated equipment and machinery, etc. The new complex would address issues such as safety measures and have a safer environment. All these improvements should also have an impact on the number of sentinel events.

This complex will entertain millions of patients in next 5-6 decades and save lives of thousands of unprivileged patients visiting JPMC, from all over the country.