This patient was affected with the most common type of breast cancer, infiltrating ductal carcinoma. During the course of treatment, she suddenly collapsed one day and was put on a ventilator. After some tests, scans and time, it was discovered that her cancer had metastasized and was now in the brain.
It was then that she was brought to us at CyberKnife. Our doctors worked on a plan to destroy the tumour thriving in her brain. After a few treatment sessions with the CyberKnife, she stayed strong and we were able to rid her of her cancer.

She came in for a check-up after a year post-treatment, and thankfully, in these scans we can see that her brain is now cancer free!

Our CyberKnife facility at JPMC is the only FREE facility in the world, curing cancers at no cost for all those who are in need.